HNSITT  2017 – Sept 17-21

Hi everyone, the registrations for the 2017 Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament took place from 3-5 p.m. on the South Battery Pier at Bishop’s Landing in Halifax on Saturday the 16th of September.  Thirteen Teams made it for the registration in this year’s tournament.

HNSITT Registration Trailer 2017

2017 Bishop’s with Tuna Boats


The Captains’ meeting was held at the Red Stag Tavern in the Alexander Keith’s Building with a cash bar and munchies donated by Polaris Marine and Bluenose Engineering.

After an initial social gathering the meeting was opened by Ric Hattin with a roll call to ensure all teams were present and an introduction to the tournament with a reminder that all proceeds will be donated to the IWK Foundation.  

Fred Voegeli followed with a summary of the tournament fishing rules and the necessary reporting requirements for our tuna fishing licence conditions.  Oceanview Fisheries will again provide bait for the tournament and careful handling of the fish at the wharf and their plant so that we can hopefully maximize the sales value of the tuna on the markets available to us.

The IWK Philanthropy Officer followed with a short summary presentation of how our donations support both the IWK research efforts that are currently ongoing, as well as the overall patient and equipment support to the hospital which was warmly received by all our fishermen.

With those formalities out of the way everyone was keen to get fishing and the Sunday morning start ran smoothly.

Sunday Morning Bishop’s volunteer Start Commitee

Boats milling for the 8 am start

2017 Start

Pedal to the Metal



Teams Entered this year:

  HNSITT Team Name Owner/Captain Boat
1 Ripley’s Believe It! Calvin Ripley Ripley’s Believe it
2 Lobsters R Us Kerry Gracie Lobster R Us
3 Worldwide Perishables Doug McRae Off the Hook
4 Reel Knots Greg Mombourquette Reel Knots
5 No Time Gerard Mombouquette No Time
6 Gaffer Fred Voegeli Gaffer
7 Pier Pressure Vic Heniss Pier Pressure
8 Team Contender Jamie Smith Contender
9 Edge David Edgecombe Blu
10 Chasin’ Tail Don Cameron Chasin’ Tail
11 Castone Curtis Gibbs Castone
12 Halestorm Fisheries Derek Hale HaleStorm
13 GoSecure Travis Barlow Go Secure

2017 Results Summary:

2017 Leader Board


2017 Summary


 Day 1 – Sunday (17th) Results

The boats headed out at 8 am after a shotgun (horn blast) start in front of Bishop’s Landing to a glorious day of fishing with light southeasterly winds and and generally overcast with some foggy conditions.  

Tuna were jumping all over the place with numerous hookups and near hookups.  Eight fish were actually landed by Teams: (see table above for details)

Photos would be appreciated thanks.

 Day 2 – Monday (18th) Results

Day two was again an absolutely perfect day for fishing foggy overcast condition warm temperature and a gentle though sometimes non existent southeasterly breeze.  Due to the second fish rules in order to give boats that hadn’t caught a fish yet only 5 boats were fishing for the remaining two tags that are available for the tournament.

It was a very slow day with no fish caught and not even any hookups, although fish were spotted in the area chasing up schools of bait on a number of occasions.

Day 3- Tuesday(19th) Results

Day three again saw only five boats go out under the two-fish rule in more brisk 10-20 kt winds in the morning which tapered off some in the afternoon.  Ripley’s Believe It hooked up early but lost their fish and Gaffer hooked up twice but lost their fish both times. Eventually Halestorm hooked up around 4:30 in the afternoon, successfully landing their fish around 7:30 and finally arriving at Bishop’s about 9 pm.

Day 4- Wednesday(20th) Results

On the fourth day of the tournament it was agreed that boats that had already caught fish would be allowed to fish and those who wanted to participate were provided with second tags to try their luck.  Conditions were rainy in the morning with moderate winds.  In total four boats fished on the Wednesday.

Team Edge Hooked up around 9 am and successfully landed a very nice 759 lb tuna around 10:30 which ended the tournament as our 10th tag quota limit was filled. Team Edge with their final fish is this years tournament winner with the biggest fish.

Team Edge with their winner and OWC invitational banner

Team Edge with the IWK rep Keeley Wallace


Day 5- Thursday (21st) Results

No Fishing, Quota Filled.


Closing Ceremonies:

Closing ceremonies and trophy presentations took place in the Lakeview Room at the Best Western Plus Chocolate Lake Hotel on St Margaret’s Bay Rd. between 7 and 9 pm on Thursday the 21st of September.

The event kicked off with a social gathering of drinks and conversation followed by a nice spread of ham, poutine some fresh veggies and fruits.  The Master of Ceremonies was again Ric Hattiin for the 7th year running.  Ric provided a great summary of the event with numerous comments about the actions of the various teams on their catch times and landing details.  

Subsequently it was on to the Trophy presentations.

Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy

The Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy to be given out each year to the Team that lands the first Bluefin to the dock at Bishop’s Landing  for donation to the IWK.

The winning team for this year of the Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy was Chasin’ Tail represented by Don Cameron at the closing and team members Erick Gaudet, Derek Johnson and Keith Sawlor.  The trophy was presented by Virginia Hoskin and her two sons David and William.

Hoskins Trophy for first fish secured alongside.  Don Cameron with William and David Hoskins along with Virginia Hoskins presenting the trophy

At this point the agenda moved on to the awards for the winning teams.

First Place:  Team Edge-  759 lb Bluefin

  • – David Edgecombe, Jeff Potter, James C Lawley,  Peter-Maloney and Dave Greenwood

2017 First Place Team Edge

Second Place: Team Reel Knots – 667 lb Bluefin

  • – Greg Mombourquette, Andrew McGuish, John Martell, and Dana Dorey

2017 2nd Place Team Reel Knots

Third Place: Team Contender – 650 lb Bluefin

  • – James Smith, Thomas Poulsen, Ross Argante, Hugh Smith and Scott Carroll.

2017 3rd Place Team Contender

The winning Team will also received a 1st place Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament keeper trophy along with an invitation to the Offshore World Championship Tournament in Quepos, Costa Rica which will be held in April of 2018.

2017 OWC Qualifier – Team Edge

Special thanks to Waterfront Development Corporation for providing a great venue and Oceanview Fisheries for bait, fish processing and marketing as well as to all of our sponsors and donors for their support.

Particular thanks to our volunteers: Bob Moore, Biruta Heniss, Peter Simpkin, John Zevenhuizen  along with MC Ric Hattin.  Without this support our board wouldn’t be able to organize and run the tournament, and also have the opportunity to actually fish in it.


Below are the fish proceeds results for the 2017 catch.  Oceanview Fisheries handled marketing and shipping of all fish with a minimal charges for out of pocket costs to maximize donations to the IWK.  Net Price per Pound is market less the averaged shipping and handling cost for all fish.

Total proceeds including the Cash donations, Auctions, Bait Sales and the portion of Registration Fees donated to the IWK amounted to $  68,817.77    for the 2017 tournament.


On the 3rd of November 2017 the Board of Directors presented a cheque in the amount of $68,817.77 t0 Keeley Wallace, the IWK Philanthropy Officer in front of the donor board sail in the lobby of the IWK hospital.  This brings the HTTS 7 year cumulative donations to a total of $287,577.14 from running the Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament.  We wish the IWK all the best and thank all participants and sponsors for their hard work and generosity to make this year a great success.

At Presentation Dave Edgecomb, Ric Hattin, Vic Heniss, John Lewis and Bill Currie