HNSITT  2018 – Sept 22-26

Hi everyone, the registrations for the 2018 Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament took place from 3-5 p.m. on the South Battery Pier at Bishop’s Landing in Halifax on Friday the 21st of September.  Fifteen Teams are currently signed up for registration in this year’s tournament.

2018 Registration Trailer Setup on Bishops Landing

The Registration Process in the Trailer

Registration Day


The Captains’ meeting was held at Garrison Brewing 1149 Marginal Road, Halifax, NS. starting at 6:30 on the 21st, with a cash bar and munchies.  Introductions and attendance were handles by our MC Ric Hattin.  A representative of the IWK Children’s Hospital, Hillary Forsyth, thanked all of our participants and our organizing committee for the support and donations that our tournament has provided to the Hospital over the past 8 years.  Chris Purcell covered Tuna handling for sales and outlined the process of swimming and bleeding the tuna that will be caught to maximize quality and the value of the fish for proceeds to the IWK.  Fred Voegeli reviewed the fishing and DFO reporting rules for everyone.  

In light of the nasty Gale Warning weather forecast for Saturday morning and through the day it had been decided that the official start of the tournament will be delayed until 08:00 on Sunday morning.  This was announced by Fred at the Captain’s meeting to the relief of most of the participants we believe.  We all want to get fishing but not at the risk of safety to our fishers.

A good time was had by all and with those formalities out of the way a shot gun start and the beginning of fishing will occur at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday morning the 23rd off Bishops Landing on the Halifax Waterfront.

Captain’s Meeting at Garrison

Teams Entered this year:

  HNSITT Team Name Captain Name Boat Name
1 Ripley’s Believe IT Calvin Ripley Ripley’s Believe IT
2 Lobsters R Us Jeffery Martell Still Movin’ & Groovin’ 
3 Team Yamaha Marine Gord Fraser  Century
4 Reel Knots Greg Mombourquette,  Best for Les
5 No Time Gerard Mombourquette No Time
6 Gaffer Fred Voegeli ,  Gaffer
7 Pier Pressure Vic Heniss Pier Pressure II
8 Team Contender James Smith Odyssey
9 Edge David Edgecombe Blu
10 Chasin’ Tail Don Cameron Nauticare 
11 Halestorm Derek Hale Reel Deal
12 Shell Code Travis Barlow Delphi
13 Fisher King  Tor Conklin Gilmaz
14 Castone Chris Gibbs   Knot Enough Time
15 Fintastic Four Art Gaetan Knot 4 Sail


2019 Results Summary:

Final Leader Board


 Day 1 – Saturday (22nd) Results

No Fishing!! – Start delayed until Sunday due to Gale Warning in the approaches to Halifax Harbour which us where we fish.


Issued 05:00 AM ADT 22 September 2018
Today Tonight and Sunday.Seas 2 to 3 metres subsiding to 1 to 2 this evening and to 1 or less late overnight.

 Day 2 – Sunday (23rd) Results

Waiting for Start

Sunday morning

Great day with calm seas and light winds and LOTS of fish.  Eight fish in total were caught today with the largest being 812 lbs (369 kgm.) caught by Team Edge.  

Our Volunteers patiently waiting at Tuna Central for the Tuesday afternoon excitement.

The first fish to the dock at Bishops Landing is awarded the Wayne Hoskins Memorial Trophy and this year that honor went to Team Contender and captain Jamie Smith with a 513 lb tuna landed at the dock at 12:03

Team Contender: from the left Ed Greenwood, Ross Argante, Jamie Smith, Thomas Poulsen, Lee Purcel, Scott Carroll

Things then got very active on the dock with fish being offloaded throughout the afternoon in the following order:

2 – Team Yamaha Marine with captain Gordon Fraser – 381 lb Tuna

Yamaha Marine: Gord Fraser, Greg Sheffer, Scott Sheffer, Shawn Adderly

3 – Team No Time with captain Gerard Mombourquette – 337 lb Tuna

4 – Team Fisher King with captain Tor Conklin – 383 lb Tuna

5 – Team Halestorm with captain Derek Hale – 628 lb Tuna

Derek Hale, Mark Wilber, Mike Findley, Matt Gates, Reagn Henneberry, Craig Isener

6 – Team Chasin’ Tail with captain Don Cameron – 567 lb Tuna

7 – Team Fintastic Four with captain Art Gaetan – 475 lb Tuna

8 – Team Edge with captain David Edgecombe – 812 lb Tuna

Team Edge: Left to right , Jeff Potter , Ben Maloney , Peter Maloney , Dave Edgecombe , Dave Greenwood

Day 3- Monday (24th) Results

Strong NW winds in the early part of the day that died off later.  Only 4 of the remaining 7 boats that hadn’t caught a fish on the first day were able to get out today.  Late in the day team Lobster-R-Us with captain Jeffrey Martell landed the 9th fish of the tournament, a 555 lb Tuna.

Team Lobsters R Us: Jeffery Martell, Jerry Martell, Blaire Martell, Aubrey Landry, Jerry Martell

Day 4- Tuesday (25th) Results

The tournament is officially over with the 10th fish being secured alongside the boat by Team Shell Code with Captain Travis Barlow around 13:00.  They were at the wharf at Bishop’s Landing around 2 pm with a 371 lb Tuna.

Team Shell Code: Travis Barlow, Andrew Burton, Randell Pittman, Katie Horne, Xanadria Richman, Todd Gibbons

All 10 tags have been used and the tournament is over for 2018.   Thanks to all the participants for a great event.


  Day 5- Wednesday (26th) Results

No Fishing, all tournament tags have been filled.


Closing Ceremonies:

Closing ceremonies took place in the Lakeview Room at the Best Western Plus Chocolate Lake Hotel on St Margaret’s Bay Rd. between 7 and 9 pm on Wednesday the 26th of September.  Things started with many of the teams gathering and enjoying a drink or two and discussing the events of the past few days.  This was followed by a great buffet style banquet that everyone enjoyed.

Closing ceremonies warm up

Ric Hattin then started off the presentations by re-capping the events of the tournament, lamenting the delayed start due to weather and moved on to generally describe the mayhem of the first days landings and the overall excitement of Sunday afternoon.  The following days were a bit more subdued because of strong winds on Monday and 3 boats being sidelined due to mechanical and other issues.   In summary a total of 5022 lbs round weight of tuna were landed in the three days of fishing once the tenth tag had been secured.  He also noted that an eleventh fish was hooked up at the time Shell Code landed the 10th fish and Team Edge unfortunately had to be instructed to release that fish so that we didn’t exceed our allocated tag limit.

We were also informed that Chris Purcell of Oceanview Fisheries has processed and evaluated the fish and that it’s presently planned that eight of the fish will be shipped to Japan in the next few days for auction and two will be sold domestically.  The fish proceeds tally will be posted when available in a week or two.

Just prior to the trophy awards Hillary Forsyth, Relationship Manager, Community & Corporate Giving at the IWK Foundation, gave a short presentation outlining how much they valued the efforts and donations that the Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament provides.  We’re happy to be given the opportunity to do so.

IWK representative Hillary Forsyth with our MC Ric Hattin

On to the Trophy presentations.

2018 Trophy Awards

Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy

The Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy to be given out each year to the Team that lands the first Bluefin to the dock at Bishop’s Landing  for donation to the IWK.

The winning team for this year of the Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy was Team Contender and members Ross Argante and Thomas Poulsen were on hand to receive the trophy presented by Virginia Hoskin and her son David.

Wayne Hoskin First Fish to the dock award to Team Contender: from the left Virginia Hoskin, David Hoskin, Thomas Poulsen. Ross Argante (not present James Smith, Ed Greenwood, Lee Purcel, Scott Carrol )

At this point the agenda moved on to the awards for the winning teams.

First Place:  Team Edge – 812 lb Bluefin

Team members: Jeff Potter , Ben Maloney , Peter Maloney , Dave Edgecombe , Dave Greenwood

Team Edge: Jeff Potter, Ben Maloney , Dave Greenwod, Peter Maloney, Dave Edgecombe and Vic Heniss presenting


Second Place:  Team Halestorm – 628 lb Bluefin

Team Members: Derek Hale, Mark Wilber, Mike Findley, Matt Gates, Reagn Henneberry, Craig Isener 

Team Reel Deal: Fred Voegeli presenting to Derek Hale, Mark Wilber, Mike Findley, Matt Gates, Reagn Henneberry, Craig Isener


Third Place: Team Chasin’ Tail – 567  lb Bluefin

Team Members: Don Cameron, Erick Gaudet, Tyler Rutledge, Keith Sawlor

Team Chasin’ Tail: Erick Gaudet, Tyler Rutledge, Keith Sawlor, Don Cameron with Dave Edgecombe presenting


The winning Team will also received a 1st place Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament keeper trophy along with an invitation to the Offshore World Championship Tournament in Quepos, Costa Rica which will be held April 28th to May 3rd, 2019.

OWC invitation to Team Edge: Jeff Potter, Ben Maloney , Dave Greenwod, Peter Maloney, Dave Edgecombe and Vic Heniss presenting

Special thanks to Develop Nova Scotia for providing a great venue and Oceanview Fisheries for bait, fish processing and marketing as well as to all of our sponsors and donors for their support.

Particular thanks to our volunteers: Bob and Nadia Moore, Peter Simpkin, Biruta Heniss, Peter Silarajs and Ric Hattin.  Without this support our board wouldn’t be able to organize and run the tournament, and also have the opportunity to actually fish in it.

Biruta Heniss and brother Peter Silarajs

Bob Moore with Vic Heniss



Below are the fish proceeds results for the 2018 catch.  Oceanview Fisheries handled marketing and shipping of all fish with a minimal charges for out of pocket costs to maximize donations to the IWK.  Net Price per Pound is market less the averaged shipping and handling cost for all fish.


Total proceeds including the Cash donations, Auctions, Bait Sales and the portion of Registration Fees donated to the IWK amounted to $ 61,737.62 for the 2018 tournament.


On the 27th of November 2018 the Board of Directors along with Chris Purcell of Oceanview Fisheries presented a cheque in the amount of $61,737.62 t0 Hillary Forsyth the Relationship Manager, Community & Corporate Giving of the IWK Foundation in front of the donor board sail in the lobby of the IWK hospital.  This brings the HTTS 8 year cumulative donations to a total of $349,314.76 from running the Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament.  We wish the IWK all the best and thank all participants and sponsors for their hard work and generosity to make this year a great success.

John Lewis, Chris Purcell Bill Currie and Fred Voegeli presenting to Hillary Forsyth