In July of 2012 agreement was made with the Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament Society (NSITTS) that the Halifax International Tuna Tournament Society (HTTS) would carry on the history and operation of the “Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament (NSITT)” renamed as the “Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament (HNSITT)”.

In recognition of NSITTS’s stellar history the HTTS would like to present the Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament in a historical context based on the information from their previous website  in a series of photo galleries.  Throughout the 14 year history (1998 through 2011) of the NSITTS their tournament had raised over $410,000 for the IWK.

2011 NSITT Main Page


NSITT Sharp Cup Historical Context

Throughout it’s 14 year history the NSITTS operated the “Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament” which included a presentation of the Sharp Cup which has an even longer vaunted history.


Gallery pictures from the 2009 NSITT


Gallery pictures from 2008 NSITT banquet


Gallery pictures for the 2007 NSITT Tournament

Here is a recap of the 2007 “Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament”
Day 1
Team Big Fish landed the winning fish in the morning with Team Old Stick
landing a fish later in the day.  Several other teams had fish on the line through out the day with some being fought up to two hours before being lost.
 Day 2
  No fish were caught however Team Big Fish had a fish hooked twice fighting one for 39 minutes and a second moments later for over 2 hours before finallly losing it.
Day 3
  “Team Big Fish” landed a 488 pound tuna by mid day.
“Team Old Stick” landed a 320 pound tuna which cannot counted in the tournament tally but was sold and contributed to the total amount for the IWK charity.

“Team Nijinski” graciously donated their first prize winnings of $10,000.00 to the IWK Children’s Health Center.

With “Team Nijinski’s” donation this year’s tournament raised $18,500.00.
This brings the tournament’s total donation since 1998 to $279,500.00.


Gallery pictures for the 2006 NSITT Tournament