HNSITT  2021 – Sept 18-22

Hi everyone, the registrations for the 2021 Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament will take place from 5-6 p.m. on the South Battery Pier at Bishop’s Landing in Halifax on Friday the 17th of September (rain alternate location Alexander Keith’s Brewery atrium area). 

Due to Covid restrictions and an abundance of caution only the Captain’s, or 1 designated crew member are invited.  This Modified Registration is to pass on Tuna Tags, ICCAT forms, vessel trackers and detailed instructions on communications and tuna landing procedures to all teams.  No formal social gathering Captains Meeting will take place this year. 

Tuna landings will be at the Oceanview Fisheries docks in Sambro with only the Captain allowed off the vessel to complete necessary documentations.  There will be no public viewings allowed.

Note to Teams:  Please send photos and any comments and good fishing stories to HITT@bluefintournament.ca so that I will be able to update this 2021 results page as the tournament progress’s.  Thanks from the webmaster.






Teams Entered 2021 year: 

Team Name Captain Vessel Name
Contender James Smith/Ross Argante The Contender
Edge Dave Edgecombe Blu
Blind Strike Gerard Mombourquette Blind Strike
Jacobite Michael Martell Jacobite
Mad Dad Roddie MacCuspic Mad Dad
Ripley’s Believe It Calvin Ripley Ripley’s Believe It
Fin Addict Brad Bethell Zacapa
Shell Code Travis Barlow Delphi
Chasing Tail Don Cameron Nauticare
Lobsters R Us John Martell Lilah Sophia
Gaffer Fred Voegeli Gaffer
Reel Deal Derek Hale Reel Deal
Rubber Boot Band.FS Reagan Henneberry My Other Honey

2021 Results Summary: 

Weights in Pounds.

Team Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Blind Strike          
Mad Dad          
Ripley’s Believe It          
Fin Addict          
Shell Code          
Chasing Tail          
Lobsters R Us          
Reel Deal          
Rubber Boot Band.FS          
Daily Totals
0 0 0 0 0
Cumulative Totals (lbs)         0

 Day 1 – Saturday (18th) Result


 Day 2 – Sunday (19th) Results


Day 3- Monday (20th) Results


Day 4- Tuesday (21st) Results


  Day 5- Wednesay (22nd) Results


Post Tournament Fishing Updates


Closing Ceremonies:

The closing ceremonies social gathering will not be held this year.  Final results will be posted on this website and winning teams will be notified.  Trophies will be sent to the winning teams after the tournament. 

Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy

The Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy is given out each year to the Team that lands the first Bluefin to be secured and logged by call in to Atlantic Catch Data (ACD) for donation to the IWK.

The winning team for this year of the Wayne Hoskin Memorial Trophy was Team: 


First Place:  Team



Second Place:  Team 


Third Place: Team 



The winning Team also received a 1st place Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament keeper trophy along with an invitation to the Offshore World Championship Tournament in Quepos, Costa Rica which will be held April 24-29, 2022.  



Special thanks to Oceanview Fisheries for Tuna landing facilities, bait, fish processing and marketing as well as to all of our sponsors and donors for their support.

Particular thanks to our volunteers: Vic Heniss, Biruta Heniss and Fred Voegeli for their effort at the Captain’s meeting and throughout the tournament.



Below are the fish proceeds results for the 2021 catch.  Oceanview Fisheries handled marketing and shipping of all fish with a minimal charges for out of pocket costs to maximize donations to the IWK.  Net Price per Pound is market less the averaged shipping and handling cost for all fish.


Total proceeds including the Cash donations, Bait Sales and the portion of Registration Fees donated to the IWK amounted to $??????? for the 2021 tournament.



On the 23rd of December 2020 the Board of Directors Treasurer Greg Connor sent a cheque in the amount of $ ???????? to Hillary Forsyth the Relationship Manager, Community & Corporate Giving of the IWK Foundation.  Due to the Covid 19 restrictions a photo op presentation will be organised some time in early 2021.

This brings the HTTS 10 year cumulative donations to a total of $???????? from running of the  Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament.  We wish the IWK all the best and thank all participants, volunteers and sponsors for their hard work and generosity to make this year another great success.